Baroque Festival 2024

The Baroque Festival will be held February 17, 2024, at Saint Mark Lutheran

Please use Leggiero to sign up your students. Deadline for entries is February 3, 2024.

Please contact Kellene Goff, Chair at with any Baroque Festival questions.

Spring Syllabus 2024 - Kellene Goff/Deborah Butler, Chairs

Syllabus is a music curriculum that covers technique, music theory, sight reading, rhythm reading, and repertoire. The ten levels of Syllabus are graduated in difficulty and challenge students to achieve musical goals. After completion of a level, students can opt to be assessed by a master teacher who provides a helpful critique.

To register your students, please visit

Spring Syllabus registration will open on March 1, and the deadline is April 20, 2024. Spring Syllabus will be held May 17-19. 

Please contact Kellene at and Deborah Butler at or by text/phone (503) 932-0514 with any Spring Syllabus questions.

Art & Music Festival 2023 - Crystal Zimmerman, Chair

This non-adjudicated recital is a chance for students to create artwork to complement their repertoire. Music and art-making are intertwined and often enrich one another. Creating art along with music is like escaping into another world and emerging with a souvenir. For this recital, students are encouraged to create a piece of artwork inspired by their musical selection. As they practice and live with the music, please consider having the student also create a concrete realization of their abstract musical vision. The artwork can be any medium: drawing, painting, collage, sculpture, poetry, etc. During the performance, the artwork will be projected on stage and will be available to view before and after the recital. This is a wonderful performance opportunity for students.

Repertoire: Any style repertoire; solo or ensemble.

$10.00 entry fee per recital for each student

Student Entry form must be received by: TBD, 2024

Artwork must be received by: TBD, 2024

Images of the artwork must be emailed to the chair by TBD, 2024. This allows time to prepare and test the art presentation that will be displayed during the recital. Actual artwork pieces should be brought to the recital and will be displayed in the hall area, with the hopes that before and after the recital, attendees might be able to view briefly.

Mail form & fees to:

Crystal Zimmerman

329 Mountain Vista Ave. SE

Salem, OR 97306 

All materials must be in the mail two days prior to the deadline. Recitals are filled on a first-come basis.

The Art & Music Festival will begin at TBD, 2024 at TBD.

Please contact Crystal Zimmerman at or by phone (541) 514-3295 with any questions.

Pamela Miller Scholarship Recital 2024 - Crystal Zimmerman, Chair

For over 30 years our community was enriched by the life of Pamela Miller. Her musical talents and standards, her teaching of young people to develop and enjoy their musical gifts, and her positive and dynamic personality touched many in our community and our state. Some of her students have gone on to achieve recognition as professional musicians, but all who studied at the keyboard with Pam have confidently shared their talents with family and friends in school, church and recital. She prepared her students with skills for living.

Sadly, Pam is no longer with us. But her influence remains in the hundreds of relationships she left behind. In keeping with Pam's love of teaching keyboard students, this Memorial is used to recognize outstanding keyboard students with scholarship awards. The awards will be determined each Spring by performance auditions under the supervision of the Salem District of the OMTA. 

During her years in Salem, Pam was an active member of the Salem OMTA, serving in various positions of leadership. One of her teaching requirements for each of her students was participation in successive levels of "Syllabus," a yearly comprehensive exam in music theory, style and performance. She was also a key organizer of annual "Bach Festivals," believing that all music students were richer for their contact with the works of J.S. Bach. Both of these trademarks are requirements for participants in the annual competition for "Pamela Miller Memorial Scholarship" award.

Print and fill out the form below to apply for the Pamela Miller scholarship competition. The competition will be held the afternoon of TBD 2024 at TBD. 

Please contact Crystal Zimmerman at or by phone (541) 514-3295 with any questions.

Iva Turner Award Recital 2024 - Chair Trinity Goff

The Iva Turner Awards were so-named to honor a devoted Salem piano teacher. To enter, the young musician must be studying piano or violin, in the 8th, 9th, or 10th grade, and is required to play a five–to–ten minute program, at least two pieces of which must be from contrasting periods. All music is to be memorized. 

The participants play in a recital format of seven or eight pianists per group and will announce their own pieces. The adjudicator selects up to four students to be awarded a prize of $50.00. The Iva Turner Awards are held in late spring and there is a very low entry fee.

Please print and fill out the form below to participate in the Iva Turner Awards Recital.

Dates and Location TBD.

Please contact Trinity Goff at or by phone at (503) 302-8340 with any Iva Turner Award Recital questions.

Composition Festival 2023 - Chair TBA

The Composition Festival is a non-competitive music festival that provides young composers with an opportunity for creativity and self-expression. Open to students from beginner through post-college adult levels, compositions of all musical styles and instrumentation are welcome!

Students submit their compositions for written suggestions by an adjudicator. Adjudicators recognize students with the most outstanding compositions as Honored Composers. These students are invited to advance to the OMTA State Composition Festival to share their works and hear the compositions of other student composers from all over Oregon. 

The Composition Festival is open to any student composer studying with a teacher who is an active member in good standing with OMTA or a non-member teacher who has paid the non-member fee for the event.

Date TBD.

Please contact Deborah Butler at or by text/phone (503) 932-0514 with any Composition Festival questions.